Built In Appliances

Just a few reasons to visit us:

• Huge stock holding
• Express delivery service
• Extensive range of spares
• After sales service
• Same day - next day service
• Installation service available
• Removal of old unit

Part of the Sirius Group

Harrap Domestic Appliances are proud to be members of one of largest buying groups in the UK. As a result we can offer 'small store' service while supplying all of the very best names in electrical appliances at 'large store' prices. The best of both worlds.

Built-in appliances to suit your home

If you're looking for a new kitchen or you've got a certain layout you want to keep around the house, a built-in unit is a great thing to have. Durable, attractive and seamlessly part of the room, built-in appliances are an excellent benefit.

Full installation and repair

Built-in appliances are large, complex and must be professionally installed to ensure safety. We provide a quick and efficient installation service. If you require repairs made to a built-in appliance, we can be there the next day.

What we offer:

• Built in ovens
• Built-in refrigerators
• Built-in tumble dryers
• Built-in washing machines
• Built-in washer-dryers
• Built-in wine & drinks coolers
For a range of built-in units, call us today in Shirley on 02380 780 868