Just a few reasons to visit us:

• Huge stock holding
• Express delivery service
• Extensive range of spares
• After sales service
• Same day - next day service
• Installation service available
• Removal of old unit

Part of the Sirius Group

Harrap Domestic Appliances are proud to be members of one of largest buying groups in the UK. As a result we can offer 'small store' service while supplying all of the very best names in electrical appliances at 'large store' prices. The best of both worlds.

Fridges and freezers

Our range of refrigeration equipment allows you to choose the best for your circumstances. This variety is very important given that not all properties have equal amounts of space. We supply fridges and freezers of various specifications to fit the requirements of different homes.

Professional installation and repair

We operate express delivery and full installation services. Should things go wrong we offer same day or next day repairs. With a huge range of spare parts including components for older models, you can always be sure that we'll be able to help.

A range of refrigeration equipment:

• Freezers
• Fridge freezers
• Large fridges
• Refrigerators
• Side by side fridge freezers
• Wine and drinks coolers
Fridges and freezers for all budgets. Call us on 02380 780 868